Slot machine test: blade

In the year 1998 blade first appeared on the big screen, however, the birth is farther back. The character blade is already a few years older and first appeared in a Marvel comic in 1973. Since then much time has passed and a whole series of films was born. And not only that, because with "Blade" is the Vampire Hunter, who himself is a half vampire, its way into the online casino. The slot machine is best home, because behind it to the capable hands of the Playtech company. The online slot machine is a wonderful excursion into the world of blade and is therefore also a little bloodthirsty. But he does his thing very well, because there are a few features that can sit up. If you free games should win, can you be happy about an increasing multiplier. But because the blade split you can do not only that, just lines, which consist of six symbols and will be accordingly higher. You can directly in the online casino with the slightly different super hero slot start, which also has a jackpot.

Play Blade online now!

Blade online game

In the online slot blade very high profits are possible, which can be achieved by simple series. Where of course a series of six symbols is not so easy. But once everything at the beginning. There are five reel, where you have the different symbols. Also 20 paylines, which you can see in the numbers on the edges move from left to the right. Each payline covers exactly five fields, which is usually also the longest winning line. Thanks to bonus symbol, you can make even six series.

Criteria for a winning line is that they always left begins. If you turn off line, it affects directly on your total usage, while your line usage remains the same. With the latter you decide your profits can be how much and how much you can win the jackpot it. Winnings are calculated in "blade" by multiplier, that depends on the symbols and series lengths. For each subject, six symbols in a row have the highest multipliers and winnings.

Slot machine the motifs in the blade online slot

In an upbeat blade font the default icons are brought to you, at 9 beginning and ending with A. However you should not underestimate the motives, as one in a series of six multiplier of x 500 can bring, what in many other slots are already the best icons ever.

Going blade vampire hunting, utensils, which must not be missed and make the next set of symbols. Syringes, bullets and blades have good multipliers, 2000 ranging even x. Even more only the weapon is worth in terms of objects.

In addition to blade, there is still a vampire Lady with high values. The hero of the story is but can't be beat. A small number of these, which is to think: Blade in the longest series brings an eaten x 25,000 multiplier on the table. Jackpot that has most definitely quality. Of course rarely occurs, but the options speak for themselves. "Blade" at the same time also still counts as wild.

Now but to the icon that makes it possible. Should appear on reel 5 blade-spit icon, the last symbol of a winning line is split, so it counts as two fields. But still not enough, because the "Blade" symbol can be used for 15 free games sure where there is not only an increasing multiplier, but the scatter is also to additional wild.

Slot machines instructions by blade

Reasons it does not lack of blade to play online. Simply select a slot casino, sign in and deposit money. Then you can make your bets in "Blade" and set this every round. The same applies to the number of win lines. "Blade" is equipped with an auto start function.